Where Traditional Flavors Meet Modern Elegance

Meet Cosimo Walter Spalluto, the passionate 34-year-old owner of Due Tonino. Hailing from the picturesque town of Trepuzzi in Italy, near Lecce, Cosimo Walter’s journey to the Netherlands began 15 years ago when he pursued studies at the Dance Academy.

Cosimo Walter’s love for dance, cultivated since the age of 5, led him to pursue a career in it. Despite a promising dancing career, fate had other plans at some point. A chance encounter with long-lost relatives and the offer of a job in Rotterdam altered his path. He left a secure position in Italy to chase his dream in Rotterdam, becoming a professional dancer.

After completing his study at The Dance Academy and working on various known projects, like The Scapino Ballet, Cosimo Walter found himself managing Restaurant Napoli for seven years. In the meantime he met the love of his life, Erika Johana Feraru. It was love at first sight and they expanded their family with two beautiful kids.

Guided by founder Tonino’s mentorship, he returned to Due Tonino in 2019 as co-owner. In 2024, Cosimo Walter took over from Tonino, infusing the restaurant with his lively and perfectionistic spirit, dancing alongside managing the establishment!

Founder Tonino Arsieni

The founder of Due Tonino, a friend of Walter’s father, Tonino Arsieni inherited his passion for food and wine from an early age. Hailing from Cellino San Marco, the ‘city of wine’ in the Puglia region, he grew up in his parents’ farming business. However, he chose a different path, venturing into the hospitality industry. It was there that he met his significant other, Anthonio, whom he followed to the Netherlands. Tonino´s name means ´little or junior Anthony, so in 1991, Due Tonino, which means ´Two Anthony´s, opened its doors in Rotterdam, blending Italian flair in charming Rotterdam. After years of hard working, he trusted Cosimo Walter to hand over the restaurant.

A Culinary Journey Through the Best of Italy

About The Restaurant

At Due Tonino, guests embark on a journey to Italy, experiencing the warmth, freshness, and authenticity of the country. The team, consisting of original Italian staff, presents a diverse menu encompassing dishes from every corner of Italy. The extensive wine selection, including the pride of Due Tonino, Primitivo di Manduria, is thoughtfully paired with the menu.

The interior resembles a small Italian garden, inviting patrons to come together, unwind, and enjoy a culinary journey through little Italy in Rotterdam. Due Tonino is not just a place to eat; it’s a space to connect, relax, and feel at home. Where they care about the quality of the products, but also the experience of having a night out in Italy.

The story behind Due Tonino is a blend of founder Tonino’s legacy and Cosimo Walter’s vibrant leadership, creating a unique and welcoming ambiance. Where does the name come from? Due Tonino, meaning ‘two little Antonios,’ was created over 30 years ago by the two founders who happened to share the same name.

An Original, Traditional Team of Italian staff.

Well trained, with a strong focus on giving every guest a home feeling, where they never have to worry about anything. The perfect recipe for a great night out!